IT and E-Safety

Allerton Primary School and Nursery aims to develop pupils’ skills in the use of technology to begin equipping them with essential tools for 21st century life and work.   All users need to be aware of the range of risks associated with the use of internet technologies. At Allerton Primary School and Nursery we understand the responsibility to educate our school community about all safety matters as part of our SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Respect, Friendliness) philosophy and E-safety is included in our commitment to keeping our community safe.

E-Safety Policy

Trust Social Media and ICT Policy

 The BBC Newsround video below 'Caught in the Web' narrated by David Tennant is a good way to start to talk about the dangers of the Internet with your child. Watch it together and talk about the dangers.

Teaching & Learning

Benefits of using the Internet for teaching and learning, gives our pupils’ access to world-wide educational resources including museums and art galleries.  

Pupils will be educated in the effective use of the Internet in research, including the skills of knowledge location, retrieval and evaluation.

Pupils are taught in school what Internet use is acceptable and what is not and are given clear objectives for Internet use.


The school Internet access is designed expressly for pupil use and includes filtering through a firewall provided by the LA.

E-Safe, forensic monitoring software, is installed on all school devices which records keystrokes to ensure safeguarding while using technology.

Internet at Home

To protect your children while using the internet at home, talk to them about what they do on the computer, tablets or smartphones. 

Always be aware of who they talk to using social media.

Encourage them to tell you if they see anything that worries them or they think is inappropriate.

If your child is sent a rude or upsetting message, report it. 

Beware of opening unknown emails as they can contain viruses to be installed on any device.

If you would like further information, there are links to some websites below you can go to for further information.