Friends of Allerton

Trevor Kershaw

Pastor at Allerton Congregational Church 



Manjit Kaur 

Hello everyone. My name is Manjit Kaur. I am one of the Sikh faith-tutors at the Interfaith Education Centre. 

I follow the Sikh faith and enjoy helping people. I have a beautiful musical family and enjoy listening to all kinds of music depending on what mood I am in!

One of my favourite hobbies is to help the elderly. I look after my elderly neighbour Marian who is my friend!

In the community I help people by giving them my time to help in whichever way I can. I commit some of my time to the Gurdwara – Sikh Temple – to help keep it clean and tidy. 

I really enjoy coming to Allerton Primary School because you are all my friends. The best part of my job is meeting beautiful smiling children.


Seema Buttoo

Hi, my name is Seema and I am Hindu Faith Tutor at the Interfaith Education Centre Bradford.

I work with many schools on daily basis and I have been coming to Allerton Primary School for the last ten years. It is always really exciting for me when I share faith stories with children in school assemblies.

I play two musical instruments, one is called a Harmonium which is a small key board and the other is a dholak which is a drum. I also enjoy singing and in particular bhajans which are Hindu prayers. 

I spend part of my evening practising playing music and singing because it’s very relaxing and enjoyable.  

I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to work with teachers and children, which means I can share my knowledge about the Hindu way of life and how we live.



Mohammed Mushtaq

Mohammed Mushtaq faith Tutor at the Interfaith Education Centre Bradford contentedly married with children and grand children. 

Apart from my day time work I am involved with some charity work and also working in the community on different levels.

I am part of the Executive team at the local Mosque responsible for day to day running of the evening and weekend classes and lots more. 

I have been a president for the umbrella organisation namely Council for Mosques which represents approximately 80 organisations (Mosques and Madrassas) and currently a General Secretary – I have been part of the management group for Interfaith partnership working group in Bradford. 

I feel privileged to be considered friend of Allerton and specifically enjoy working with the group of diverse leaders from the community. 


Kate Sulc

I run an organisation with my husband Josiah called Kidz Klub Allerton based at Cafe West. We run a variety of children’s and young people’s activities, including after school clubs, school assemblies, holiday clubs, youth clubs, cookery classes, community events and much more. I absolutely love my job and am passionate about seeing this community be the best it can! For more info about our organisation visit 



George Williams