Allerton Primary School Council

At the beginning of each year, each Key Stage 2 class elects 2 pupils to represent them on the School Council and Key Stage 1 elects one pupil. Members attend regular meetings where they have the opportunity to share ideas, opinions and views from their class.  The Council is important because it gives every child in the school the opportunity to share their views and put forward ideas on how the school can improve with regard to academic and social activities.  The Governing Body listens to the views and recommendations of the School Council and uses these to inform some of their decisions.


 The 2015-2016 School Council


The school council meet every fortnight to discuss any issues from their classes or year groups. They work on making improvements to the school grounds and buildings, school meals and help to make sure we all wear our SCARF.




The 2013/14 School Council presentation to Governors...