Where are they now?

We all know that access to relevant and relate able role  models is crucial for a young person’s development. It also has a central part to play in increasing social mobility: through interaction with positive influencers from a range of backgrounds and working in a diverse field of professions, young people can be inspired to think critically about the world of work and take those important early steps to a better future


We would love to hear from former pupils who are willing to share their story with us ! We believe that our former pupils can be inspiring role models for current pupil's, introducing them to some of the different opportunities available to them, helping to build their confidence and make decisions about their own paths. 


If you would like your story to feature on the website please contact the office on 01274 541587 or email it to office@allerton.bradford.sch.uk 

Here are a few stories from our former pupils...  


Mahdi - 1989-1991 

I went to Allerton Primary School around 1989-1991, as I recall I was in Mrs. Radcliff's class in 89-90 and in Mrs. Middlemiss's class in 90-91. I went to a few schools in Bradford, but when I think of my childhood I always think Allerton.

After Primary School I left with my family to move to Canada. I did my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (EE) and have a M.Sc. in EE and an M.Sc. in Computer Science (CS). I'm finishing my Ph.D. in CS. 

We currently live in Vancouver, voted one the best places on earth many times in the past few years. Canada has very good job opportunities for my field of study. 

I came back to the UK at Christmas and I brought my family back to Allerton Primary School as we were really curious to how it had changed! We were really grateful for the amazing guided tour by the year 5 pupils - I'm happy to see my childhood school in still around and in great shape!! Good luck!