The school building

School today is a very different place and we feel sure that our Victorian counterparts would be amazed to see its £2M transformation in 2012 and hope they would appreciate the sense on community and continuity. We are very proud of our village roots and that so many generations of the same families have been educated here


The main school building has been cleverly organised so that each Key Stage has its own entrance and classrooms around the Great Hall. Our amazing library is located as a Mezzanine above the Great and Small Hall and provides a quiet environment for pupils to learn and read. We know how daunting it can be to start Primary School, so our Upper Key Stage 2 pupils are located in the new 'Octagon' building, and Reception and Nursery are based on the lower ground so that they have their own learning spaces and separate play areas. 


We are fortunate that our dinning hall is located in a separate building across the playground, so we can use the halls for lunchtime activities and clubs. 


Why not come and see for yourself what an amazing school we have... You'll never look back!